Goldilocks fun in Year 1!

Having learnt all about the classic traditional tale Goldilocks; the children have had great fun innovating their own version by adding interesting adjectives and by changing the characters. We cannot wait to read the final versions next week. It was also fantastic to see 1B perform the story in our Learner of the Week assembly.

Rugby skills

Year 1 are currently learning rugby skills in PE. This week, we have learned that the top and bottom of the ball are called the ‘ears’ and the middle of the ball is called the ‘belly’. We also learned that we need to hold the rugby ball with both hands around the belly. We played Scarecrow Tig but using a rugby ball; it was lovely to see the children then playing this at lunch time with their friends.

A week of Poetry…

For our first week back after the break we have been learning all about Grace Darling. We learnt about her life, why she was and is still such an important person in British history. We then used her heroic actions as inspiration to write our own poems about a stormy sea…

Riaab in 1C’s poem
Vidya in 1B’s poem
Callum in 1DT’s poem

Great Fire of London drama workshop

Today Year 1 took part in an exciting drama workshop based on the Great Fire of London. First, the children warmed up with a variety of dance and drama activties and then travelled back in time in their time machine to imagine what life was like during the fire. They pretended to walk the streets of London, dodging fire balls and avoiding the flames.

Finally they recreated the fire with materials and movement, starting small and then building the intensity before letting the fire die out.

Where the ____ are! Stories

Over the past few weeks, Year 1 have been learning to story Where the Wild Things Are and then using this to help us write our own journey stories, focusing on the action in the story. We are thrilled to share some of our stories from across Year 1…

Isaac’s story – 1C

Fatima’s story – 1M

Maths Week Challenge!

It is challenge time for Year 1! Mr Kay has signed all Year 1 children up to Numbots and given us a very special task – to celebrate Maths Week.

Your challenge is to play Numbots for 30 minutes each day. Can you rise to the occasion? Prizes will be awarded at the end of the week.

Your Numbots password is the same as your reading eggs password, which is located in your reading records.