The DISGUSTING Sandwich in Year 1

This week we have started to learn our new story, The Disgusting Sandwich, and have done some work to deepen our understanding of what we are reading.

First we looked at the settings in the story and made some 3D maps using paper manpulation skills.

Then we went into the cafe and made some beautiful sandwiches… which we then dropped in the sand pit, dipped in the pond, rode over them on scooters and more! Just like in the story.

We then took a walk in our local area, learning some key features of Alwoodley and road safety, as we walked to the… park!

Continents and Oceans of the World!

Over the last two weeks our ACE Geographers have been learning about the different continents and oceans of the world. We have been singing some songs to help us remember the names, as I am sure some of you will have been hearing at home, and been locating them on maps.

You can find this game on Seesaw
– Lyra’s map work from 1DT

– Nyla’s map work from 1B
– Gryff’s map work from 1C