Year 1 have been sewing…..with proper needles!

Don’t be worried, the children were safe and supervised but we thought lots of children would come home and say we have been sewing and parents would just not believe it! It was unbelievable how many children were able to thread their length of sewing cotton through the very small eye of the needle. We talked about perseverance and trying our best, and the children were shocked at their own ability to thread their needle! We were so proud of the way that the children handled this DT lesson – they were confident and sensible. We learnt how to do a simple running stitch and the children each completed at least two independent stiches which is fantastic.

We had designed an animal print, thought about the resources that we would need, created our animal pattern and then sewed into our design. They looked fantastic!

Please don’t forget

If you could email me one photo of your child/family on a day out or holiday somewhere in the UK, we will turn them into a lovely display in class. If you could write your child’s name and where the photo was taken in the email that would be greatly appreciated.

Examples of what your picture could be:

  • a picture at the beach
  • a picture at the park
  • a picture on a holiday

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